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ep33 – International Roundtable with the Accountability Lab (Part 2)

In this episode we continue our discussion from Part 1 on the international response to Covid-19 and also discuss how the Black Lives Matter movement in the West has affected (if at all) systemic discrimination in other parts of the World.

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The Open Government Partnership has welcomed Richard and his Civic Engagement as Art concept with open arms. Not only is it incredibly innovative, but it has also shown that it can be a very effective way to express both the core values and finer points of Open Government & Open Data.

Nathaniel Heller, Former Co-Chair, Open Government Partnership / Currently Managing Director, Geneva Global

He gets it. He lives it. And he understands how to translate the complexity of change into bit size chunks for quicker, easier consumption. Richard is a pioneer, networker, implementer and natural collaborator in service to public good.

Ann Pappert, Former Chief Administrative Officer, City of Guelph, Ontario

Richard is a passionate, intelligent citizen; a change agent; a rock star set out to lead citizens to innovate government and create a more participatory and inclusive democracy.

Nick Scott, Executive Director, Open Government & Innovation, New Brunswick Government