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Richard Pietro has spent the last 10 years designing new and effective ways to advance the Open Government & Open Data movements in Canada and abroad.

He has created stimulating workshops, published engaging stories, produced successful podcasts, written influential articles, launched innovative websites, fostered large community groups, and hosted award winning events. He even directed a short film on Open Government and will soon release a series on how a small band of community organizers were able to revive the Open Data program in the City of Toronto.

However, his most notable achievement so far has been the 2014 Open Government Tour – a three month, 20,000km, cross-Canada motorcycle tour that introduced Open Government & Open Data to approximately 2,000 Canadians via 17 events in 17 cities.

He also worked collaboratively with the Ontario Ministry of Housing to create the “Open Data in Reverse” method as a way to design, publish, and activate Open Data sets. This initiative helped the ministry win a nationally recognized award for engagement.