Storytelling | Make it Stick

David Attenborough, Adam Savage, and Jamie Hyneman taught us that even dung beetles and sawdust can be compelling if you wrap a solid story around them. At Re: Open Gov we believe we can do the same with Open Government & Open Data.

Stories from the Open Gov

Stories from the Open Gov is a podcast published by and is dedicated to telling the stories about what Open Government & Open Data look like.

The podcast will profile interesting and government-changing initiatives that you probably never heard about.

Join us and learn how Open Government & Open Data are becoming a reality!

Open – The World’s first short film on Open Government, Open Data, and Open Source.

A spoofy adaptation of The Matrix and Office Space to introduce people to Open Government, Open Data, and Open Source.

The Open Government Turtle

A turtle navigates a dangerous path to find the fertile lands of Open Goverment.

The Open Government Turtle

A graphic comic depicting the journey of the Open Government Turtle

Open Data Resurrected

The City of Toronto Open Data program was launched in 2009 with fanfare, accolades, and excitement. It was particularly revolutionary and brought with it the promise of a more transparent, accountable, and engaging government.

Unfortunately, the enthusiasm for the program began to fade as quickly as it was launched. Other cities around the World were making waves in Open Data, yet Toronto – who wanted to bill itself as an International technology hub – was losing pace.

That is why in 2016 a band of community organizers, Open Data advocates, and one committed politician decided to inform Toronto City Council about this reality.

What happened next was remarkable.

We Are Open People

Inspired by George Carlin’s “I am a modern man” rant, this video summarize the values, behaviour, and actions from those who are members of the Open Movement.

Open Gov & Open data are the Daft Punk of Government

A video to help explain the relationship of Open Government and Open Data as it pertains to how government needs to change, and how people need to react to this change.